Hazel Farm

Students walking around Hazel Farm accommodation

Hazel Farm is located two to three miles from the Stag Hill campus, which gives it a unique community feel within a residential area of Guildford. 

What to expect

Hazel Farm has its own laundrettes and common rooms and regular public transport to the Stag Hill campus. 

You will be sharing with either five or six others students, depending on the size of your flat. 

You can find Hazel Farm on Google Maps

Virtual tour

Screenshot of Hazel Farm video

Watch our StagTV video for a preview of our rooms and kitchens at Hazel Farm.

Location and transport

It is possible to walk to campus from Hazel Farm, but this would take you around 45 minutes.

All Hazel Farm residents are eligible for subsidised bus passes which you can use on the Stagecoach route 1.

This route runs between Hazel Farm, campus and Tesco. If you get off at Tesco you can also take a short 5-10 minute walk to Surrey Sports Park.

You can walk into town, but this would take about an hour. We recommend using the subsidised bus pass on Stagecoach route 2 which will stop at the Friary Bus Station in town.

You can find a Costcutter convenience store on Oregano Way, which will be useful for quickly buying groceries without needing to travel to Tesco.

Find out more about campus life.

There are lockable bicycle stores available at Hazel Farm.

Find out more about cycling.

Hazel Farm residents can access a limited number of parking spaces, which are for residents only. Your permit would not allow you to park on the Stag Hill campus though, unless you have special circumstances.

Find out more about parking.

Post and addresses

Reading your room number could be confusing when you first see it, but you will quickly learn what each of the letter and numbers mean. 

Hazel Farm (HF)

  • Breakdown: Court – road – house – room
  • Example room allocation: HF – HC2 – 1
  • Address: Hazel Farm – Hamilton Close – house 2 – room 1

Road acronyms: 

  • Hamilton Drive – HC
  • Hamilton Close – HD
  • Hamilton Place – HP
  • Oregano Way – OW

    All mail should have your full name, room and house number, road name and the relevant postcode for your road:

    • Hamilton Drive – GU2 9PL
    • Hamilton Place – GU2 9GX
    • Hamilton Close – GU2 9GU
    • Oregano Way – GU2 9YT

    Mail and parcels are delivered directly to your house.

    Find out more about post and deliveries.

    Bedroom and bathroom

    All rooms have either carpet or vinyl flooring with a bed, desk, chair, shelves, wardrobe, a mirror and curtains.

    Band B rooms also have washbasins.

    All rooms benefit from our free Residents Network (ResNet) service which provides fast and efficient broadband internet access.

    There are no en-suite rooms at Hazel Farm.

    You will have either one or two showers and two toilets in each flat.


    A fridge, freezer (or fridge-freezer combined), electric kettle, cooker, microwave, toaster, iron and ironing board are provided in each communal kitchen, but you must provide your own cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery.

    You will also find a sink, storage space, table and chairs in your kitchen.

    Take a look at our what to pack guide for more information.

    There is no reserved space, but there are two cupboards per person in the kitchen.

    This is usually more than enough for most students, but if you need more space, you can talk to flatmates about sharing a shelf if needed.

    There is no reserved space, but there are usually one or more shelves for each of the people living in the flat.

    You can talk to your flatmates about using up more space or specific fridge spaces.

    All halls at Surrey are self-catered, but there are number of places around our campuses to get food and drink, and Guildford has an excellent range of bars, restaurants and cafes.

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