Economics preparation

Economics building on campus

Welcome to the School of Economics.

We are ready to welcome you!

You are about to embark on a wonderful journey of knowledge, self-discovery, and self-development at university studying economics! No doubt you are excited about this new stage in your life and may be wondering how to best prepare for it. Rest assured that on our side we are ready to welcome you to the University of Surrey – we really are looking forward to meeting you soon. There will be a lot of information coming your way during the first few weeks so perhaps a little good old-fashioned prep will go some way getting you ready for it!

Who we are and what we do

The School of Economics is part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. 

You can take a look at our profiles, perhaps focusing on those of us you will encounter in your first-semester modules.

Your lecturers are research-active academics covering a great range of economics and pedagogy in their work. According to the latest Research Excellence Framework (2021) we are in the country’s Top 10 research schools in economics. We often bring this research expertise in the class, where we use a variety of learning methods to help you develop relevant competencies, including your employability and digital skills.

Review the facilities and services available to you

Economics lectures and workshops in the first year take place in large lecture theatres, normally at the Austin Pearce building or the Lecture Theatre Block at the Stag Hill campus (Academic Buildings 5 and 17 on the campus map (PDF), respectively). Tutorials and seminars are taught in teaching rooms across the Stag Hill campus as they cater for small groups of students. 

The academics of the School of Economics are based in the Elizabeth Fry building AD (Academic Building 4 on the map). You will be able to visit your personal tutor and teaching staff at their offices there. The Head of School, Director of Learning, and Programme Directors also have their offices at the same location. You may want to check the map for Student Advice, Support and Facilities, which include the Centre for Wellbeing, the Health Centre, and the Library, among other services. You can also explore different types of support on MySurrey Hive.

Look at the first-semester modules

During the induction week you will be provided with a personalised timetable with the times and locations of your learning sessions. Make sure you know where everything is and make your way to class in good time! In the first semester, you will study Introductory Economics, Quantitative Methods, Contemporary Issues in Economics and Economic Data Analysis.

It may be a good idea to browse through these modules and see what you will learn, the methods of learning and teaching, module assessments, etc. We aim to develop your employability, digital skills, resourcefulness and resilience, global and cultural capabilities, and sustainability awareness.

Begin to see yourself as an economist

Economists possess a fantastic range of skills (e.g. analytical and quantitative) and are sought after by employers. Economist salaries in the UK are only second to medicine graduates according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies. So, by studying economics you have taken a great first step in developing a professional profile and career. It is important to realise that economics is something that we use for decision-making in government, in business and in our household finances. So, it pays to keep track with world developments in the areas of economics and finance as this will allow you to see the real-world relevance of what you are learning and prepare you for job interviews. The Economist and The Financial Times are great sources of knowledge and analysis of current economic issues (and the University has subscriptions to both). Most importantly, talk about economics with your peers! You will find many like-minded individuals with whom you can debate and learn.


Economics at Surrey is a lively subject as we attract great students from different walks of life with ambition and a desire to learn and develop themselves. There are many opportunities to truly be part of our community and the key is to participate. 

We look forward to having you with us and help you progress and achieve!

Top tips

Become a member of the Economics and Finance Society

Attend economic talks and events

Sign up for the Malthus Dinner

Consider becoming an economics student representative

Be open to all the opportunities for learning and experiences that only a university can offer