Hospitality and tourism management preparation

Student group

Congratulations on choosing the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey for your undergraduate degree course - we are confident you have made the very best choice!


The big welcome

We propose ten activities you can dip into before you join us to get to know the School better and understand the wide range of opportunities and activities being undertaken within it. We look forward to welcoming you in person on campus!

Ten suggested activities before you arrive


One: sign up

To the Surrey Freshers guide - a great way to start to explore what Surrey has to offer and find future course- and flat-mates!

Two: join in

Discover more about the massive range of societies at Surrey and our School's very own Food and Wine Society and THE Society.

Three: make yourself known

Add a photo and brief bio to the SHTM Freshers Padlet to get to know your Programme Leader and fellow course mates better.

Four: read

Start to explore the Industry press and maybe sign up for a regular newsletter with Big Hospitality or Travel Weekly for example.

Five: digest

Every Monday and Friday we publish a short blog-style 'digest' on a contemporary research or industry-relevant topic. You can see the back catalogue on our publications page.

Six: discover

Find out more about the School, our research centres and dedicated team of academics who will be teaching you over the duration of your course.

Seven: socialise

The School is very active across social media channels - follow us to keep up to date with what is going on, learn of upcoming freshers competitions and interact with your opinions too! You can find us on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We also regularly use the following hashtags: #SHTMatSurrey, #EVENTSatSurrey, #HOSPITALITYatSurrey, #TOURISMatSurrey, and #TRANSPORTatSurrey.

Eight: do something subject-specific

Whilst enjoying eating out/travelling/attending events, start to think critically about your experiences. Consider the location, the product, the service environment, the clientele, the service personnel and the service delivery - are all these elements in harmony? Why did you choose the business? Would your parents/guardians make a similar choice? What did you enjoy about your visit? Was the user experience 'easy' and all the elements well-connected? What could be changed/improved?

Nine: reflect

Take a few moments to consider your goals for coming to University. What do you want to achieve? What skills do you want to develop? Maybe commit these to paper to reflect back on in due course!

Ten: relax

Most importantly, make sure you take some time out to enjoy your last few weeks before you start at Surrey. We cannot wait to show you all the things that make for a #WonderfulSHTM.