Once you have moved in

Student sat in International House accommodation room

So you have arrived, collected your key and are in your room. Here’s our suggestions and tips for what to do next. 

Set up your broadband

The ResNet service offers fast and easy wireless internet access for several devices at once using a pre-configured router which will be in your room when you arrive. The device also includes two wired ports should you need to connect any wired devices.

See the instructions on how to connect

The Wi-Fi network at the University of Surrey is called eduroam. Connect your mobile devices to eduroam Wi-Fi for uninterrupted connectivity between campus and your university accommodation.

Get something to eat

Chances are you have just had a long journey to the University, and you have family who need feeding before they head back home. You can find all of our catering outlets on Google Maps and our interactive maps on MySurrey App.

Explore all catering outlets

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Food and drink on campus

Food and drinks on campus

Go food shopping

If you have come by car with family or friends then we recommend making the most of having a vehicle and driving to Tesco – it will save you time and effort carrying your shopping back to your flat.

Your first week may be quite busy with talks and events, so you don’t want to be spending money on convenience food and drink every day!

Find Tesco on Google Maps

If you have arrived late and are in need of something quick to eat, try our on campus supermarket Simply Fresh, or you will find both Deliveroo and Just Eat apps have many local restaurants and takeaways available for delivery to campus.

Find Simply Fresh on Google Maps

Unpack your belongings

Making your room feel comfortable and homely is very important, so get unpacking and it’ll help you to settle in quicker.

Meet your flatmates

These are the people that you will be living with for the next eight to nine months, so it’s worthwhile getting to know each other. You will be living with other students from lots of different countries, backgrounds and cultures, and they will be studying a range of courses.

Current social distancing guidelines say that you do not need to maintain social distancing within your flat, so you do not need to keep a distance and you are able to spend time with each other in kitchens and rooms.

But don’t forget that there may be some students who are not only nervous about starting university but also about Coronavirus, so be respectful and understanding if someone prefers to keep their distance.

Visit Surrey Sports Park

Surrey Sports Park (SSP) is open seven days a week, so you can hit the gym, attend a class or take a swim as soon as you arrive.

You will also find a bar at the Sports Park, The Bench Bar, showing live sport on big screen TVs. So if you want to watch that weekend’s round of Premier League or Premiership Rugby fixtures, head down.

Student memberships

Explore Guildford

Round up your new flatmates and take a walk or bus into Guildford town centre, where you can find a range of high street shops, bars, restaurants and cafes.

Find out more about Guildford

Feeling homesick?

Feeling homesick at times is completely natural and lots of other students will be feeling exactly like you. Although it may feel hard at times, keep reaching out to others, talking to people and join clubs and societies. It will pass eventually as you get more involved with university life. 

If it persists, have a chat to our peer supporters or our Nightline service.