Transport and getting around

A bus and students on our Stag Hill campus

As a Surrey student, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of being within walking distance of Guildford town centre’s shops, parks, restaurants, pubs and clubs. With a great network of bus and rail services nearby, and a good cycling infrastructure, the vast majority of students find they have no need for a car. 


There are regular bus services between Manor Park, Stag Hill, Hazel Farm and Guildford town centre between the hours of 6am and midnight. From the town centre, there are also plenty of services covering other areas around Guildford. 

For discounted student travel, you can order a variety of different Stagecoach student cards online. It costs just 75p per day and gives you unlimited travel throughout Guildford. Both tickets represent fantastic value for money, with a saving of more than £600 on the cost of buying the annual ticket directly from the bus company. 

As well as standard journeys, your travelcard will also cover the University night-bus service. This operates six nights a week between the town centre, Stag Hill and Manor Park.


The University is a short walk from Guildford railway station which has great connections to London and the South East. 

Students are eligible to apply for a 16–25 Railcard to gain discounted travel on mainline services, and an 18+ Student Oyster photocard for cheaper travel within London.  

You can find out more about how South Western Railway are keeping you safe on their website


Cycling – both around campus and into Guildford – is very easy and the transport of choice for many students.  

Bike storage on campus 

The University campus has plenty of cycle racks, including one in each court of residence. Some racks are lockable with a key that you can borrow. 

Bike storage in Guildford  

In Guildford, there are cycle racks at the railway station and around the town centre, close to the shops.


There are very limited spaces and therefore, car parking is not available at the University for most students. 

Parking permits

For more information about eligibility and applying for a permit, visit our dedicated parking page. Please be aware that the issue of a permit does not guarantee a space – there are no permit refunds if the car park is full.

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